"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"

Edmund Burke

Public Reporting

Why we are not reporting?

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officials are well aware that vital information often fails to reach them, due to informants fear of exposure.

Citizens have been harmed

A significant number of citizens have been harmed following their testimony giving to the authorities.

Relevant agencies

Over 75% true information fails to reach relevant agencies.

Anonymous Reporting

In-depth studies show that citizens would be willing to give out true information about offenses, only provided that their anonymity is kept.

Goverment agencies

Goverment agencies have not been able induce public co-operation in information giving.

Not Reporting

The percentage of people reporting crimes on their own initiative is close to zero.

We are working different

Our goal is to develop a convenient, accessible and non-dependent product enabling citizens to give information while maintaining the informant's absolute anonymity.

  • Your detail are totally anonymous
  • We will make sure to inform the appropriate authorities
  • Attach Text / Picture / Sound / Video
  • The system will analyze your data automatically

Repo Cyber Ltd.

The founders of CYBER REPO are highly valued leading professionals , who bring to the company, other than the software in itself, an additional value derived from their years of cumulative experience and expertise.

It is possible to report offenses via text, photo, audio, or video. The reports are completely anonymous. The reports will be channeled to the relevant authority according to each item's nature.
The app interfaces to all existing authorities and agencies: the Police, the Fire Department, Ambulances and first aid, IRS, Immigration Department, etc.

A dedicated portal for real time results from the police station officer, through the commanding officers and all the way to the patrol officers in the field. Receiving items in different formats and optimally adjusting them to every existing system. Analysis and translation from over 80 languages. Automatic learning system for real time analysis of complex events. Cross-referencing information according to face, license plate and previous events.

Key Features

We are using cut edge technologies in our system

Your Data in Cloud

Your report is stored in the cloud for In-depth analysis of the data with other reported. We have several sub-system to analyze text,picture,sound and video and make conclusions based on the data we getting.

Understanding the report

Our systems will be able to collect data and make deeper analiticys of the problem.

Language support

We are supporting up to 86 languages, fell free to report in your native language any where in the world, we will translate it to local language, don't worry about language barriers.

First Responder

The FR (First Responder) system is a system designed for the enforcement authorities, the municipal reporting centers, smart-city and various security agencies, which presents information along with the first results for the operator, in order to obtain initial information from the scene. This system can also work in the VR mode (in development) and actually removes the station officer from his/her chair to the scene itself, in order to promote broader more accurate information assembly, from a greater number of sources.

API Support

To improve compatibility and integration between REPO systems and existing control systems, REPO contains a unique API system that can provide real time analysis and results of existing reports.
REPO CYBER LTD provides an advanced API system, which allows the extension of any existing system to a sophisticated system of command and control with the addition of advanced capabilities in the field of live reporting with video, image, audio and text.


We are not collection any information from you, only the one that you provide. We don't know who you are, and we will not be able to give any information about you. Your anonymous report will stay anonymous report, no one will knock on your door, not the authorities or any one else.

What can you report?

The system can automaticlly analyze reports of the following events

Repo - Anonymous reporting application